List of the WORST Gaming Consoles Ever

There have been many great consoles over the last few decades but also loads of terrible products. These are the five worst consoles in the history of games.

5. Panasonic 3DO
Forget the Nintendo 64, PlayStation and Sega Saturn. In the nineties kids wanted a Panasonic 3D-O! Ehhh that’s not actually true. With its high price and poor game library this thing couldn’t even begin to compete with the big boys. It makes the Panasonic 3DO one of the worst consoles of all time.

4. Atari Jaguar
One look at this gamepad at you know why the Atari Jaguar was a massive failure. Promoted as the first 64-bit gaming system in terrible commercials….. the machine lacked something gamers like to call games. The failure of the Jaguar made Atari leave the home video game market forever.

3. N-gage
Finnish phone creator Nokia tried to conquer the mobile gaming market with the N-gage in 2002. Sadly the phone was ugly, even by the standards of the time. It lacked a decent range of games and had to be turned sideways for calling. This soon doomed the N-gage to gadget obscurity.

2. Virtual boy
The Virtual Boy is Nintendo’s biggest misstep in its many years in video games. The world’s first virtual reality system launched in 1994. Its weight and red and black graphics made this system painful to play, it even gave people headaches! Virtual Boy not only almost killed Nintendo but also the virtual reality market to this day.

1. Gizmondo
With less than twenty five thousand units sold the Gizmondo
is the worst-selling system in game history. The clunky handheld from 2005 has no games worth mentioning. The company behind it was even accused of funding the project with money from organized crime. The whole thing is just one big epic fail.