• Super Mario World – Impossible Levels: Level 6.3

    I know that you haven’t gotten enough, because I am always fascinated by watching this stuff.
    Here are some more of the Super Mario World, impossible levels. Why people enjoy making this game crazy difficult, I have no idea, but I certainly do enjoy watching them get their butts kicked playing it.

  • Super Mario World – Impossible Levels: Level 6.2

    Zarigu plays through an incredibly difficult Super Mario World Rom Hack.
    Please enjoy his many, many, deaths.

  • Harlem Shake Video Game Compilation

    The Half-life one might be my favorite.
    Every time a new one started I thought I might be over watching it… I was wrong.
    Any gamer will find at LEAST a few of these enjoyable =)

  • Donkey Kong can Totally Take Mario in a One on One

    If you were ever surprised that Donkey Kong could lose to Mario simply because Mario makes it all the way to the top, then you are not alone. Apparently, some people found this so unnerving, that they went ahead and made a video on the subject.
    But come on. Donkey is easily like eight times the size of mario, and probably has a good 800 to 1000 pounds on him (based on the size difference alone). I don’t think that there […]

  • Mario Suicide! – Classic Video Game Super 64

    So what do you think happens when Mario is not able to make it to the castle in time to rescue the princess?
    Do you think that it is all due to him taking too long in his fight with Bowser?
    Maybe he should have just arm wrestled Bowser instead, or through some hammers in his face.
    But, alas, this is what happens.
    Mario suicide to the extreme, with copious amounts of drinking involved.

  • Custom Super Mario World Music and Stage

    This is a pretty cool video. It looks like the author of this mod went and created a whole slew of worlds, and modified how some of the textures in Super Mario World worked, so that Mario is always moving along at a specific rate, and automatically move at a certain speed until certain specifications are met. You’ll have to watch the video to see what I mean, because it is a solid 10 minutes, without any mistakes, of hitting […]

  • Super Mario World – mpossible Levels: Level 6.1

    Zarigu plays through an incredibly difficult Super Mario World Rom Hack. Please enjoy his many, many, deaths. It is pretty absurd just how difficult they can make these games, and what we, as gamers, will put up with, in order to just feel like we accomplished the unbeatable. That, or brag to a very select few friends.


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